Volunteer Programme
UEFA EURO 2020 - Rome

Be an ambassador of UEFA EURO 2020 and be part of the history of the UEFA European Football Championship, celebrating its 60th anniversary.

We are looking for more than 1000 Volunteers in Rome to assist sports-event professionals at both the Stadio Olimpico and other official UEFA EURO 2020 locations.

Our goal is to ensure a unique and unforgettable experience for all volunteers in the tournament, running from 12th of June to 12th of July 2020.

Make 2020 a summer to remember forever! Join the team!

UEFA EURO 2020 Volunteer Management Team - Rome

Applications to the UEFA EURO 2020 Volunteer Programme will open in June 2019

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Please complete the form below with your contact details to express your interest in the UEFA EURO 2020 Volunteer Programme.

We will keep you updated in the coming months and will let you know when applications open in June 2019. You will then be required to complete the UEFA EURO 2020 application form to be considered for a volunteering position in Rome.

The completion of the form below does not constitute a binding obligation on you to volunteer, nor does it provide any assurance that you will be assigned a volunteering position at UEFA EURO 2020 in Rome.

The Team Leader Volunteer assists the Volunteer Team during the interviews and recruitment phase between July and October 2019 in Rome.

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Who can apply

The recruitment process is open to everyone willing to participate in the Volunteer Programme, bringing passion, enthusiasm and energy to the Tournament. However, eligible candidates need to comply with some basic requirements:

Applicants must be aged 18 or over on 1 May 2020.
Applicants must be able to attend recruitment interviews and necessary training.
Applicants must guarantee full availability on 4 match days in Rome and their commitment to a reasonable number of shifts scheduled at advance notice with the Volunteer Team.
Applicants must be able to communicate in English (at least at beginner-to-intermediate level)

Any other specific or relevant skill fulfilling roles descriptions will be considered an asset.

You can find here the final tournament match schedule.


JUNE 2019
Submit your application
Join an interview
Accept your role and shift plan
APRIL - MAY 2020
Join the trainings
MAY 2020
Pick-up your uniform and accreditation
MAY - JULY 2020
Be an ambassador

The Host City


Rome's Stadio Olimpico will have to honour to host the opening game of UEFA EURO 2020 on Friday the 12th of June.


access Management

The access management team is responsible for overseeing overall access – both ingress and egress of people and vehicles – at the UEFA EURO 2020 venues (stadiums) during the operational period.

Access management volunteers play an integral role, by helping the venue access manager to implement the flow concept and steward dot plan, delivering training to security staff and assisting accredited staff to access the venue. On matchdays, the access management volunteers support the venue security team to facilitate the smooth and timely ingress and egress of all target groups into and out of the stadium.


During the tournament, the stadiums will be divided into different zones, such as the pitch, dressing rooms and media areas. The accreditation team provides different groups of people with access to the zones in which they operate. These groups include players, volunteers, media, officials, service providers, public authorities and sponsors. To perform their role, each individual needs to be in possession of a valid accreditation pass, which they receive from the accreditation centre next to each stadium.

At the Accreditation Centre, Volunteers will assist in various tasks, acting as a main point of contact for all working parts involved, welcoming and providing them with personalised access cards, which they will produce


The UEFA anti-doping team will deliver a comprehensive doping control testing programme at UEFA EURO 2020. The programme aims to protect the physical, emotional and financial investment of players, officials and spectators by ensuring a drug-free tournament.

The role of the anti-doping chaperone is one of great responsibility and must be carried out in a professional manner. Their task is to notify one of the players selected for a doping control and to escort him from the time he is notified until the doping test is complete.


The broadcaster services team will be responsible for ensuring that the match is broadcast to spectators all over the world. The broadcaster information team provides basic information on TV production and booking matters, general tournament information as well as tourist information to UEFA EURO 2020 broadcast partners (UBPs). The broadcaster information desk will be a first point of contact for UBPs upon arrival at the international broadcast centre (IBC).

The main tasks of the broadcaster unilateral service volunteers will be to support the broadcast liaison officers at each venue, primarily on MD-1 and MD. Their duties can vary from simple administrative tasks (e.g. photocopying, printing and distributing information, printing information, UEFA’s extranet system used to manage broadcasters’ bookings) to answering queries, distributing supplementary access devices, guiding broadcasters to their various facilities in the stadium and helping them to deliver broadcaster services.


The ceremonies project will create and implement ceremonies and entertainment programmes at the twelve stadiums. The objective is to create a joyful atmosphere in the stadium and provide a memorable experience, offering a warm and colourful welcome from UEFA and the host city to the fans, teams and hundreds of millions of viewers worldwide.

Volunteers will assist with the pre-match ceremonies (entertainment of fans inside and outside the stadium) and production (TV production, logistics)./p>

A ‘fantertainment’ programme is a live event held inside or around the stadium to welcome the fans and entertain them before the start of the match. UEFA uses this platform to create emotion and excitement among the spectators and thereby ensure a festive atmosphere in the stadium. During this time, the spectators become a symbol of unity and respect, having fun, singing and dancing together regardless of which team they support.

Volunteers in this area assist the local ceremonies coordinator.


The Commercial Operations project team leads the implementation of any stadium marketing rights granted to commercial partners contracted by UEFA and supports the official sponsors with their on-site activation programmes across the 12 venues. As such commercial operations delivers guiding principles, produced in consultation with internal specialists, and manages the planning and orders with the contracted sponsors. Commercial operations also act as an internal resource for commercial matters in relation with the stadiums and liaise with the various projects for the implementation of these rights.

Volunteers will support by fulfilling office duties, monitoring the advertising-free zones and assisting sponsors with on-site activation programmes, as well as other on-site promotional activities around the stadiums.

event legal-services

UEFA’s rights protection programme (RPP) aims to actively protect the UEFA EURO 2020 intellectual property and prevent UEFA rights infringements. UEFA believes that protecting its intellectual property rights is fundamental to maintaining the sustained growth of European football. If UEFA did not protect its rights, then the value and quality attached to its activities would diminish. The commercial entities to which UEFA grants exclusive association rights recognise that these rights are valuable assets and the revenue that the commercial exploitation of rights generates is redistributed by UEFA in such a way as to promote the healthy and continuous development of professional, amateur and youth football throughout Europe.

The rights protection volunteers will provide assistance to UEFA’s on-site RPP activities aiming to prevent unauthorised commercial activities (counterfeiting and ambush marketing) around UEFA EURO 2020 stadiums and at other key sites within the host city.


The event logistics project, represented at each UEFA EURO 2020 venue by the venue warehouse and delivery team, provides logistics and procurement services to all the projects involved in the organisation of the event. The venue warehouse and delivery team’s main tasks will be the coordination of all deliveries to the venue and the operational management of the logistics compound, where it will monitor on-site stocks of event logistics material such as furniture, fences, handling equipment, golf buggies, giveaways, etc.

Volunteers will assist the venue warehouse and delivery team in the installation at the venue of materials and the running of the warehouse.


Event transport is responsible for the planning and delivery of transport services. For UEFA EURO 2020, the event transport team will be responsible for providing transportation for the 24 participating national associations, referees, doping control officers, match delegates, UEFA guests and staff.

Volunteers will assist at the transportation office and the fleet compound or as coordinators and welcome personnel at airports, hotels and other venues. The aim is to help and support the customers by delivering a high-level transportation service.


The guest management and protocol team is responsible for guest management, welcome services and protocol matters for the 17,000 UEFA VIP guests attending UEFA EURO 2020. Guest management operations are carried out at airports, hotels and stadiums, where national and international guests from the world of sport and politics will be welcomed.

Guest management volunteers will be the first and main point of contact for these guests and are essential for the smooth delivery of the guest experience. They will welcome guests at airports, hotels or stadiums, provide them with information about the tournament and the host cities, and handle their questions and requests.


For UEFA EURO 2020, the hospitality production team is in charge of the development, implementation and delivery of hospitality and catering services for various target groups at all stadiums. The team will provide matchday hospitality services such as catering and entertainment within the various hospitality programmes for VIP, commercial partner and corporate hospitality guests. All guests will be hosted in hospitality lounges and private suites inside the stadiums before and after the matches. It is the hospitality production team’s responsibility to ensure that hospitality and catering services are delivered on time, to the agreed quality and within budget.

Altogether, more than 120,000 hospitality guests will be hosted during the 51 matches of the tournament across the 12 stadiums.

The team is also in charge of delivering catering services for staff, broadcasters, media representatives, volunteers, youth programme teams and match officials, throughout the tournament on matchdays and non-matchdays. Moreover, forming part of the hospitality production team, the concessions team is in charge of the implementation and management of the F&B (food and beverage) concepts for all general public concessions at all stadiums, ensuring that products and services are delivered with the required and agreed level of service.

As members of the hospitality team, hospitality production volunteers will assist the venue hospitality manager and coordinator as well as the concessions coordinator(s), and will support organisational preparation and overall operation to ensure the best possible experience for the various projects.


The host broadcast logistics team coordinates and delivers a range of integrated support services to host broadcast staff and suppliers, as well as unilateral broadcasters.

It works closely with the UEFA TV production department to plan and implement the travel, transportation, accommodation, accreditation, uniform and office needs of the 2,500 host broadcast crew, supervising the delivery of these support services at the venues. It also plans and delivers all logistical aspects of the international broadcast centre (IBC) in Amsterdam.


Information and communications technology (ICT) for UEFA EURO 2020 delivers all communications and related services, as well as some hardware and specialised solutions and applications. ICT is responsible for the concept, set-up, operations. In addition, approximately 4,000 journalists and photographers will be reporting on UEFA EURO 2020 on TV, internet, radio, email and telephone every day. An IT and telecommunications network will be set up and maintained at every venue so that journalists and other personnel can enjoy the best possible working conditions.

Volunteers in this sector will have a variety of tasks: IT service and support for matchday operations, information desk and back office, venue set-up and operations. They will gain insights into key areas of a complex organisation that most people never see.


The UEFA EURO 2020 mascot brings the teams and fans together! The mascot will engage with young urban audiences across Europe. Relevant and engaging for fans, it will contribute to the visual recognition and the creation of memorable moments from the tournament. It will raise interest and awareness globally and locally, especially in the host cities, countries in which the host cities are located and across Europe. The mascot will appear in every host city, bringing the spirit and identity of the tournament to life, connecting with fans and participating in promotional activities. The mascot will form part of UEFA’s commercial partners’ activation plans for the tournament following its launch by UEFA.


Match organisation lies at the very centre of all UEFA EURO 2020 venue operations, as it deals directly with UEFA’s first priority, the sport itself. A successful match organisation project will contribute largely to the overall image of the tournament and reflect positively on the quality of the matches. The project’s main task is to organise the 51 matches and all services related to the sporting aspects of UEFA EURO 2020 at the highest international level and according to UEFA regulations.

Volunteers will assist the UEFA match manager with the preparation and running of each match, including the official training sessions on the day before the match. They will help to set up the dressing rooms, competition areas and match material. Volunteers will also take on various administrative tasks, including preparing and, if appropriate, attending meetings.


The media services and operations project involves the planning and delivery of facilities and services to the 3,000+ local and international media expected to cover UEFA EURO 2020. The main elements of the project are as follows.

  • Working conditions: each stadium will have its own media centre, media tribune, press conference room, mixed zone and photo positions for journalists, photographers and broadcasters.
  • Media accreditation and booking services: the team will manage the accreditation processes and arbitration for tournament passes and individual match-specific bookings, including the on-site delivery of the relevant access devices.
  • Information services: operation of the media channel, UEFA’s online media information and content platform, as well as production of media guides and in-tournament information resources.
  • Event operations: the team also coordinates the official media activities of the competing teams in accordance with the tournament regulations.

Each venue will be staffed by a venue media operations manager and two venue media operations assistants, to whom the volunteers will report.


At UEFA EURO 2020, the mobility makers team will act as the face of the tournament and will be responsible for ensuring that our 2.8 million ticket holders have the best possible matchday experience. The mobility makers team will operate at each of the 12 UEFA EURO 2020 venues, supporting the spectator client group and providing a range of services.

It will be managed by the mobility makers manager and powered by a team of outgoing volunteers, referred to as the Mobility Makers. All members of the team will be trained to provide both directions and information, and will also be responsible for delivering a small number of key stadium functions such as language services, vulnerable persons support, luggage depots, mobility support and spectator information points..


Signage includes production and installation of all branding elements that form part of the stadium dressing as well as in some areas of the official hotels and airports. The projects is in charge of decorating the stadium with the UEFA EURO 2020 brand and producing all UEFA EURO 2020 printed material for all projects across the venue. It also implements the specific wayfinding concept and the signage rights delivery for the UEFA partners, especially LED pitch perimeter board advertising and media backdrops.


The spectator services team at the stadium is responsible for facilitating the overall access, ingress and egress of spectators, guests, staff and vehicles at UEFA EURO 2020 venues (stadiums) by supporting the stewarding, access, ticketing, media/TV operations and hospitality projects on matchdays.

The volunteers will play an integral role by helping the projects to implement the matchday access procedures, providing information and directional guidance to spectators, guests and staff and assisting the first-aid teams with translation services.


The sustainability project concentrates on social, environmental and economic priorities, in particular by:

  • Promoting a healthy lifestyle by implementing a no-smoking policy within the stadium;
  • Promoting and improving the accessibility of stadiums for disabled spectators;
  • Optimising transport and mobility;
  • Optimising waste management by reducing, reusing and recycling (‘3R’ strategy);
  • Optimising energy and water consumption while promoting renewable energies;
  • Promoting responsible sourcing of products and services

Volunteers in this area will provide assistance to disabled spectators, support audio-descriptive commentary services and raise awareness among spectators, staff and volunteers, advising them on environmental issues.


The technical services and overlay project manages the planning, provision and implementation of services and temporary infrastructure as requested by internal and, to some extent, external stakeholders to bridge the gap between the existing conditions at the venues and the greater requirements of a major sports event. Sub-projects within this area relate to power supply, water supply, temperature control, waste management, sound systems and giant screens, venue TV and radio frequencies, and temporary infrastructure.


A total of almost 3 million match tickets will be available for UEFA EURO 2020. These tickets will be distributed to customers by courier, on-site collection or through an app on the customer’s mobile phone.

Ticketing volunteers are essential to the delivery of the ticketing project and will often be the first point of contact for ticket holders. They will deal with any customer queries and provide customer services in accordance with the ticketing policy and help to enhance the customer experience for the event. Volunteers will also be heavily involved with the on-site operation and ticket collection processes. They will also assist the ticketing team at the respective ticketing locations in the city and at the stadium.


The venue logistics team manages the venue offices and oversees staff service needs at the UEFA EURO 2020 venues. One of the first teams to arrive at the venues, its responsibilities include supervising office and furniture set-up, managing office and stationery supplies, distributing staff uniforms, setting up and overseeing staff break areas, liaising with staff hotels (early/late check-ins/-outs, information board in reception, etc.), managing staff daily commutes from hotel to venue, and overseeing general office responsibilities and staff needs at the stadium.


The venue management team is in overall charge of what happens at the venue and, through the venue manager, has the authority to arbitrate if issues arise between projects at the venue.

The volunteers support the daily work of the venue manager and his team.


All volunteer-related activities will be planned and implemented by the volunteer management department. This sector will look after the volunteers and ensure that everything runs smoothly. It will also deal with training, job allocation, the volunteer centre, catering and the volunteer culture.

Volunteer will assist in all aspects related to the Volunteer Programme management, ensuring this experience will be an unforgettable one for all participants.


The FAQs section is prepared by the UEFA EURO 2020 Volunteer Team Rome to provide you with an overview on the Volunteer Programme.

If you have any questions that cannot be found on the FAQs section please email us at rom.volunteer@euro2020.com.

Since many years the UEFA involves volunteers to give the general public the opportunity to experience their events from behind the scenes by getting involved in its operations.

UEFA EURO 2020 is being held across the continent for the first time, with 12 host cities in all: for this special edition of the tournament UEFA aims to implement a memorable Volunteer Programme across all venues, having thousands of Volunteers involved throughout Europe.

The objective of the UEFA EURO 2020 Volunteer Programme is to integrate and gather the population across Europe, as well as creating a legacy for the host countries: Volunteers act as ambassadors for the event and the host cities, putting in practice values of solidarity and fair play which link sport to volunteering.

The UEFA EURO 2020 Volunteer Programme in Rome is organised by the Federazione Italiana Giuoco Calcio, the Italian Football Federation, and it aims at creating a committed and motivated team of 1000 Volunteers, which will carry a wide range of functions needed for a successful delivery of the Tournament.

The ambition is to ensure all participants enjoy a unique and unforgettable experience that may encourage others to volunteers for sport events in the future.

Around 12 000 Volunteers in total will be involved in Europe and more than 1 000 in Rome.

The UEFA EURO 2020 takes place between 12 June and 12 July 2020 in 12 host cities. Olimpico in Rome will have to honour to host the opening game of UEFA EURO 2020.

You can find more information about the match schedule here

Friday 12 June
Group A match (Rome), 21:00CET

Wednesday 17 June
Group A match (Rome)

Sunday 21 June
Group A match (Rome)

Saturday 4 July 
QF4: Winner 7 v Winner 8 (Rome) 21:00CET

The recruitment process is open to everyone willing to participate in the Volunteer Programme, bringing passion, enthusiasm and energy to the Tournament. However, eligible candidates need to comply with some basic requirements:

  • Applicants must be aged 18 or overon 1 May 2020.
  • Applicants must be able to attend recruitment interviews and necessary training.
  • Applicants must guarantee full availability on 4 match days in Rome and their commitment to a reasonable number of shifts scheduled at advance notice with the Volunteer Team.
  • Applicants must be able to communicate in English (at least at beginner-to-intermediate level)

Any other specific or relevant skill fulfilling roles descriptions will be considered an asset.

Yes. The Volunteer Programme is open to anyone who fulfils basic criteria listed above. We encourage people of different age, experience and origins to apply. Moreover, we encourage seniors to be part of it due to their wide professional and life experience which represents an added value.

Unfortunately, not. To apply for the Volunteer Programme you have to be 18 years old on Thursday 30 April 2020 the latest.

The Volunteer Programme is open to anyone willing to participate. However, Volunteers not living in Rome are asked to bear the cost of accommodation and air/ground transport themselves.

Yes, international applicants can volunteer with a touristic visa. Please make sure you secure necessary documentation well on advance

We do not provide any assistance in this regard. International applicants will have to obtain independently the necessary documentation.

The essence of Volunteering is that it is undertaken without any offer or expectation of financial gain. Moreover, the Volunteer experience does not intend to create any employment relationship.

Volunteers will receive a series of benefits in recognition of their precious contribution:

  • Volunteer uniform
  • Catering and beverage while on duty
  • Exclusive Trainings
  • Public transport during the event
  • Volunteer insurance
  • Gifts
  • Dedicated Thank You Party to celebrate the end of the event

Participating in the UEFA EURO 2020 Volunteer Programme will give you more than the benefits mentioned above: as a Volunteer, you will have the possibility to live an unforgettable and valuable experience shared with many others like you. You will become part of the UEFA organising team, contributing to one of the biggest football events in Italy.

You will meet new friends and improve your skills, you will feel at home at the Volunteer Centre.

Volunteer will not be allowed to watch matches as spectators. Of course, being part of the organising team, you will be at the very heart of the Tournament operations, feeling the atmosphere of event. Furthermore, Volunteers will have the possibility to watch together the matches at the Volunteer Centres.

Yes, Volunteer will have public transport within the city covered during the Tournament.

Your uniform will consists of different elements and it will be a surprise!

You can specify the size of your uniform during your online application. If you are invited for the interview, you can try a sample on to make sure the size is correct.

The recruitment starts with the online application in the summer 2019.

If you are selected, you will be invited for an interview within July and October 2019. The interview will take no longer than 30 minutes and it will represent an opportunity to meet in person and go into the details of roles and domains.

Yes. We recommend you read the project descriptions available in the section Domains before proceeding with an online application: you will be asked to select whichever domain(s) you would prefer to be assigned to as a Volunteer. Please note that you may be redirected to another area on the basis of the results of the interview.

All applications are submitted without time submission privilege. However, we advise not to wait until the last few days of October to apply.

You will get confirmation about your role and shifts within November 2019 and March 2020 and not later than 1 April 2020.

As a Volunteer you will be supporting sport event professionals throughout all the tournament. The specific task varies accordingly to more than 20 projects, so called domain, you may be assigned to. The communication language will be primarily English.

The Volunteer Programme consists of a wide range of volunteering opportunities. During the interview, you will have the chance to go into the details of the ones you might be assigned to. You can read more about operational areas in the section domains.

In principle, Volunteers should be available from mid June to mid July 2020. However, the detailed calendar depends on the volunteer role you are selected for.

You can click here to have an overview of the Match Schedule, including Match Days (MD) in Rome. Each Volunteer will be informed about their shifts schedule in between January and March 2020.

Please note there are Volunteers roles which serve only during MD and MD -/+1 and other ones that may start before the tournament official kick-off.

In principle Volunteers cannot be eligible for more than one domain. An exception is made for Volunteer Management Volunteers which may serve as stand-by to cover other positions in case needed. In this case, flexibility and adaptability will be their strengths points.

Volunteers will be given a broad range of duties at various locations, such as the Olimpico, the and the hotels in Rome, depending on the role.

The Volunteer Centre is the gathering point and the relaxing area for all the Volunteers involved in the Tournament. It is located within a walking distance to the stadium, serving as office for the Volunteer Team, entertainment and training area for the Volunteers.

Volunteers can enjoy facilities at the Volunteer Centre while not on shift and we hope they will share memorable moments together.

During UEFA EURO 2020 there will be two different Volunteer Programmes, sharing the same objective of providing their respective Volunteers with an unforgettable experience and ensuring visitors and fans the best tournament ever in the host country.

The Rome Volunteer Programme is organised by the City of Rome and covers volunteering in the host city territory, deploying Volunteers in areas such as train stations and airports, transport hubs, the city centre, fan zones and the last kilometre.

The UEFA EURO 2020 in Rome is organised by the Federazione Italiana Giuoco Calcio, the Italian Football Federation, and covers sport volunteering in official UEFA locations, including the Olimpico in Rome as well as the hotels and airports.

In principle, it not restricted but it is highly discouraged to participate in both Volunteer Programmes due to possible overlaps in shift schedules.

We advise to choose the one that fits the most your interests and attitude. We are sure they will both give you a memorable experience.